As prescribed in the law, each school has created a team made up of parents, teachers, support staff, students, and/or community members to assist and advise with many important decisions impacting the school.  The team will be responsible for developing the school’s Strategic Budget and Plan of Operation. Using data to guide key decisions focused on student achievement.  They will also have the ability to weigh in on the hiring of a new principal, when required.


Below you will find the latest from both past and future SOT meetings

08/15/2019 Agenda                  08/15/2019 Minutes
09/26/2019 Agenda                  09/26/2019 Minutes

10/23/2019 Agenda                  10/23/2019 Minutes

        11/20/2019 Agenda                  11/20/2019 Minutes       

 12/19/2019 Agenda                  12/19/2019 Minutes

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